Small Glass Shower Door Handle

Small Glass Shower Door Handle – Rorik’s frameless glass shower systems are the most sophisticated on the market today, offering unparalleled adjustability at all mounting points during and after installation. Built to last, Rorik supports glass panels up to 200 lbs. and 1/2” thick. The shower door hardware system comes complete with all mounting components.

Shower enclosures vary greatly depending on how the space is used and where the plumbing fixtures are located. Both single and bypass versions are available in alcove and corner configurations for exceptional layout flexibility.

Small Glass Shower Door Handle

Small Glass Shower Door Handle

Rorik brings unparalleled aesthetic value to any project. Both sides of the system are aesthetically very refined. This allows the door to operate in either direction on either side of the fixed panel. Whatever your bathroom project requires, it delivers uncompromising solutions.

How To Install A Shower Door

Rorik sliding door shower systems offer great design flexibility to fit most shower plans. Rorik is compatible with shower enclosures up to 142 wide and clear openings up to 40 wide. Choose glass up to 1/2″ thick for a solid, premium feel, or choose a more traditional 3/8″ thickness. Compatible with tile and shower pans, Rorik is available for alcove and corner configurations.

Central to Rorik’s design is a series of adjustment features that ensure a complete installation in less time. Rorik tracks are designed to be easily cut and drilled in the field with commonly available tools. The True-Level™ system offers full 1/4” adjustment at all track mounting points, including where they attach to walls. Finally, the door panel adjustment feature allows the system to be raised or lowered by 1/8” on each bearing. This gives installers the ability to tilt the panel to accommodate shower walls up to 3/8” out of plumb. Installers like to be able to quickly fine-tune the system during and after installation with little on-site adjustability. Rorik Shower System – Adjustable off plumber and off level for perfect installation on tight timelines.

The Rorik sliding door shower system is specially designed for universal design. Below ADA pull force requirements for door panels of any size, the Rorik system can be easily moved with one finger. Thanks to the unique rigidity (vertical) for the track system, the hardware can be installed at heights of 6′ 5” or more, depending on the size and thickness of the glass. And, because Rorik can be configured for a 36” clear opening, the system meets ADA requirements for roll-in or transfer needs.

The Rorik sliding door shower system has the most elegant and simple design ever. Our patented hardware system, featuring all stainless steel wheel bearings, adapts to the shower environment. The door rotates on a track that actually seems to float in mid-air thanks to hidden connections. Wall connection points are also beautifully concealed with our specially engineered wall sockets to complement the system’s modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Dreamline Unidoor X 60 To 60.5 In. X 72 In. Frameless Hinged Shower Door In Oil Rubbed Bronze D1243036 06

Rorik sliding door hardware kits were designed with high-use hospitality projects in mind. Its industry-leading 10-year warranty is backed by rigorous testing in wet environments, backed by more than two million cycles of open and close wear testing. The Rorik system has minimal protruding components for easy maintenance, and is constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum—premium metals commonly used in marine applications.

Our step-by-step product builder ensures you get the right configuration for your installation. And don’t worry about making the wrong choice. We review every order to make sure our hardware works with your project. Need extra help? Call us: 503 292 6998. We’re here to help.

This premium directional finish is consistently the most popular. Parts are finely textured with fine linear or rounded grains. Often referred to as the number 1 guide to finishing. 4, Fine linear grain is smooth to the touch and adds a sophisticated texture to the product.

Small Glass Shower Door Handle

This premium linear or circular grain finish is far from lost in the rich black color of the product. Often referred to as the number 1 guide to finishing. 4, This fine grain is smooth to the touch and adds a sophisticated texture to the product. The final finish is achieved by a special two-stage electrolytic anodizing process or by a highly durable etching process. Unlike paint, plating and powder coat, the finish will not crack, chip or flake. For other black finishes offered on products, consider our Black Satin and Black Steel finishes.

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