Open Floor Plan Dining Room Lighting

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Whether you’ve moved into a place with an open floor plan or are planning a redesign to create more elbow room in your home, coordinating lighting for an open floor plan is key. This type of light is a little different from traditional home lighting, and you might be surprised at how much it takes to make it work. You want a bright, cheerful feel, the lighting you need, and everything that fits the aesthetic of your home without disrupting the flow of the extended environment.

Open Floor Plan Dining Room Lighting

Open Floor Plan Dining Room Lighting

At Color Cable Company, we’re the experts with the tips and advice you need to get started exploring open floor plan lighting. Learn how to choose lighting for an open floor plan and find inspiration on our blog today.

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After you have designed the new floor plan, it is time to create an appropriate lighting plan that will accommodate the natural activities that will take place in this space. Even if you feel like you can walk around with ease, each area should have a clear function. You want a dining room, living room, kitchen and more! Coordinating lighting for an open floor plan can help you define and dictate the right area for activity.

When you start planning, consider three types of artificial lighting: ambient, task, and accent. How do these three types of devices match the architectural characteristics of your space? Do you have high ceilings, lack of interior walls or lots of windows? Each of these characteristics will help determine the right open floor plan lighting. Work with a CAD drawing or paper to fill in what you think you need additional light for each species. Pay attention to where you have electrical outlets and consider adding more for outlets and floor lamps.

Since ambient lighting provides general room lighting, it must provide fast and comprehensive lighting. Recessed lighting is one option, but you can enhance the aesthetics of ceiling lights with recessed fixtures that have a little more personality. You may want to have several switches on the front door to control the lighting in each area. Turn on all the lights in an open floor plan in one go or control each room individually from one place. Coordinating lighting for an open floor plan based on how you move around the space will help you decide where to control each “room.”

The process of choosing lighting for an open floor plan is very similar to the process for a traditional home. Because task lighting focuses on specific activities, you don’t have to guess what you’ll need when coordinating lighting for an open floor plan. Fill in the blanks and find the perfect pieces for your reading nook, food preparation area, workspace and bathroom. What other tasks can you think of that require additional light?

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At Color Cord Company, we prefer well-placed pendant lights and sconces for lighting smaller spaces in open floor plans. Direct the light beam more precisely, spread the light and add interior decoration with tapered shades and glass balls.

Accent lights add more lighting and draw the eye to certain objects or areas in an open floor plan. These are fixtures that can add dramatic appeal to your home. Consider sconces to illuminate wall art or under-cabinet lighting to reflect your kitchen’s unique decor. Task lighting can be minimalistic or maximalist to suit your aesthetic.

With the physical plan of your space in place, you can begin to coordinate lighting for your open floor plan. Make a list of all the equipment you need and where you want to place it. Realistic renderings can help visualize the final product of an open floor plan lighting design. Experiment and modify the equipment you choose in the render before making a final decision.

Open Floor Plan Dining Room Lighting

At Color Cable Company, we’ve spent years expanding our store to meet your lighting needs. Whether you’re an enthusiastic DIYer or an interior design firm with a large wholesale order in mind, we can accommodate both commercial and residential spaces. Find additional guidance from our team to bring your vision to life when you contact us about coordinating lighting for your open floor plan today! We use cookies on this site to improve the user experience. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Find more

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Your open floor plan is like an open road. It’s a design adventure that awaits you. Think of light as your road map. It can help you create structure, and it can also help maintain the nice, easy flow that made you choose an open floor plan in the first place. In the spirit of open space, let’s go on an adventure and see how to navigate your open floor plan.

The trick to a spectacular open floor plan is all in the planning. What are your focal points for each area? What colors and finishes can you do with the space? How do you define different areas?

When it comes to building a “room” around it, there’s nothing like a well-placed chandelier or a collection of mini pendants at different heights. Check your space and place the light where you see the center of the “room”. Then design around it. With an open floor plan, it helps to adopt a “see, be” attitude. Is this the dining room? Why yes, it is!

The beauty of an open floor plan is the flow. You move easily from area to area, knowing that there are certain patterns and structures. Well, it’s a delicate balance, and here are some tips on how to do it:

Open Plan Design Mistakes To Avoid For A Chic Living Room

What’s so great about an open floor plan? You get a lot of options. You have to choose the design elements and how you will use them. Some popular ways to divide an outdoor space are rugs, furniture groups, and lighting.

You can never go wrong with a rug. Make sure they are large enough to “contain” the space – such as sofas, chairs, coffee tables and entertainment centers in seating areas.

The grouping of furniture is fundamental. This is where you can get creative. Have you ever wondered at what angle you place your furniture? You’ll be surprised what a new angle can do. Furniture can also help define an area. A table behind a chair or bookshelves can create the illusion of a “wall” in an open floor plan.

Open Floor Plan Dining Room Lighting

Can guide you through the unique design challenges of an open floor plan. Discover our showroom and see our space ideas section for inspiration. My friend recently moved into a new house. They have a lot of questions about how to change lighting in an open floor plan. Here are some:

Light Fixtures In An Open Floor Plan

I often ask myself this question. I have developed a few tips that you can use if you are also dealing with this task.

I have never bought a lamp that matches the same collection. Let the idea match! Variety keeps things interesting. In general, all equipment should share a common style. You don’t want a super modern pendant on the kitchen island and a French country chandelier in the living room. When looking at the lamps together, they should look good together, especially if you can see them together in an open floor plan. Try to take a photo of the equipment you are thinking about and look at it together in Powerpoint or Google Slides. Do they work together?

Using different shapes will make it interesting. Avoid situations where all your lights in an open floor plan are globes or all pendant lights are colored.

I don’t recommend using more than two different finishes in areas that are really open and where different lights can be seen at the same time. If you have more defined or separated areas, then you can be more liberal with the amount of finishing.

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Need help choosing a lamp? In a one-hour consultation on the street, we can meet on Zoom, discuss the space of your room, options and measurements. I will help you choose the perfect combination of lighting for your space! Click here for the schedule.

I help busy physicians create purpose-designed spaces that make home the best part of their day!

Create a home that you love and that matches your style, so that you feel relaxed, inspired and enjoy every space in your home.

Open Floor Plan Dining Room Lighting

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