Front Door Awning Metal

Front Door Awning Metal – All aluminum awnings from Shading Solutions Group make a beautiful addition to your home, enhancing its appearance and value! You make one investment in durable, technical beauty and protection.

Aluminum awnings excel as shading devices because they block direct sunlight before it enters the windows. A properly installed awning can reduce heat gain by up to 65% on south-facing windows and up to 77% on east- and west-facing windows. Investing in aluminum awnings can save on your air conditioning costs. Not just for shade, aluminum awnings make a great addition to any door to protect it from rain and snow. Stay dry when unlocking doors.

Front Door Awning Metal

Front Door Awning Metal

Our awnings will never rust or rot; They are made entirely of aluminum. And you never have to worry about paint – it’s baked on enamel and available in a wide selection of colors.

Metal Awnings & Metal Canopies

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A beautiful aluminum canopy with a stylish black finish adds a classic finish to a beautiful front door entry. Homeowners and guests are now protected from the elements. If you​​​​are a home or business owner who values ​​style and quality as an investment, Tennessee Awnings has a protective solution for your property in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. Metal awnings give your home, shop, restaurant or office an elegant and modern look. They also serve an exceptional protective function against ultraviolet (UV) rays and bad weather. You can use these awnings in all types of outdoor spaces, including entryways, walkways, and more. Metal awnings will last for years and are easy to maintain to maintain their appearance and function. All these benefits combined, from aesthetic benefits to easy maintenance, make our metal awnings an economical solution to add style to your home or building. Commercial and residential customers in Middle Tennessee enjoy a sleek look and excellent protection on doors and sidewalks.

When choosing a metal awning for your home or business, be sure to consider the uniqueness of each metal option. Some offer timeless elegance, while other metals maintain a clean, modern look. We will help you choose the material that offers what you need for your property. Each metal has its pros and cons as it relates to your budget and aesthetic taste. Nevertheless, every selection in our leading awning collection is a high quality product. At Tennessee Awnings, we assure you that when choosing a metal awning, we will address your needs and ideas and install it with the utmost care and attention. When you come to us to buy and install your awnings, we’ll get it right the first time. Materials from which metal awnings can be made are the following:

Any of our metal awning options can be painted to match your style or the color palate of your building. We offer brass canopies, all of which are made from 16oz copper. This option naturally disappears over time. You can rest easy knowing that working with Tennessee Awnings brings over a decade of experience to your metal awning or awning installation. We spent this time helping Nashville and Middle Tennessee residents and business owners beautify their buildings and protect their entrances and walkways. If you would like to discuss design options with us, call us today to schedule a consultation with our team. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to speak with you when you call 615-849-8034 and we will provide you with a free estimate of your project.

Metal Awning Cost

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