Front Door Awning Ideas

Front Door Awning Ideas – Have you started adding fall decor to your home? My favorite place to decorate for fall is our front porch. I’m slowly gathering ideas and thinking about what I want to do. And Lola, my mini-me, asks when we will do it. Maybe we’ll start by the end of this week. For Friday Favorites, today is all about porches and patios—let’s be honest, they’re a big part of the front porch. Do you agree with this?

We got this black canopy for our back porch and love it! I’ve always thought I should build something and planned it. Until I saw Young House Love’s post about this new awning that they installed and where they got it from. I swiped on Instagram and bought it. It took a few weeks to get in.

Front Door Awning Ideas

Front Door Awning Ideas

When Kevin saw her sitting on our porch that night, she was healed. I don’t even want to ask him. They had some issues with the screws that attach to the house and hang from the roof. They were too small and slipped through the hole. strange. Luckily we had some really big screws to hold them in place. Remember this too if ordered.

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Also saw it for cheap here! after the fact. But now I think I can share it with you!

You (and I love) readers may have noticed that I moved the rugs from the front porch to our back door! We haven’t had a great time here, and I want to replace the rug on the front porch. I’ve been looking for something fun for the front and thought I’d share some of my favorite outdoor rugs and throws for fall with you! I thought you were hunting too!

I would like to say that it is important to invest in a good foundation for your front porch! I love a good 3×5 rug that works if I want to replace the top rug a second time a year! Below I have a black 3×5 rug with this 2×3 hello bed.

I also have a 1’5″ by 2.5″ rug and it didn’t bother me because the rug underneath was the right size.

Front Porch Ideas Your Neighbors Will Want To Copy

Above was shared by a reader who inspired me to try it (posted it here) and below!

I shared the photo below in this blog post when I talked about making sure you have the right sized rug! In this case, I would put something similar to the door above and a larger mat.

I encourage you to wait and save to get the right one! It is often asked where to start. If your front door needs painting, do it first! I would choose a rug that is just the right size over seasonal wreaths or any seasonal decor. Invest in timeless pieces first.

Front Door Awning Ideas

Today’s Quick Friday Favorites. I’ve been busy renovating a bedroom that I gave to a friend that I’ll be sharing next week! I hope you have a great weekend.

How To Choose The Perfect Glass Canopy For Your Front Door

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