Door Ideas For Small Bathroom

Door Ideas For Small Bathroom – Do you have door problems in your home? You know, the kind of problem where you have a small space and opening the door into (or out of) that small space makes for an awkward maneuver? I love that we have a bathroom attached to our bedroom, but it’s a small space to walk into, and opening the door to such a small space has been frustrating since day one of living in it. My mother suggested when we moved in that I solve the problem with some kind of sliding door, but I don’t know what it will look like. And it sounds expensive with all the other renovations we want to do.

I was still annoyed with the condition of the door until I saw the sliding barn door we installed in the studio to solve a similar problem. The problem with that door is that it actually swings outward and gets stuck in the living room when it’s open (as you can see in the before and after pictures). So awkward. A door that will slide instead of swing makes more sense and doesn’t take up space in a bathroom or small kitchen. Problem solved!

Door Ideas For Small Bathroom

Door Ideas For Small Bathroom

When I saw that the problem in the studio was immediately solved with the new door configuration, I knew it would be the perfect set to solve my door problem as well. Now, another door solution for small spaces is a pocket door, but it slides inside the wall instead of on top of the wall. So they are more expensive because you need a contractor to open up the walls and install them. I wanted to use the hardware we used on the studio door, but I also needed an actual door to hang on the hardware (duh!). A simple one that I like costs about $400. Too many. So I hired Josh to make a door I designed with a vertical and horizontal striped pattern, and sure enough, he nailed it and made it for a lot less! Tell us the secret of your door, Josh!

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Hey! Josh is here. The real secret to making these doors is that they are very simple and cheap to make. Doors that look similar can cost up to $800-1000 (I emphasize looks because some materials are more expensive on their own.) This door is around $80!

The first thing we do is make a plan, which is a good place to start. Laura’s door is quite narrow, so the door is only 29″ wide and 93″ tall. The door is just wide enough to cover both sides of the molding when closed (by design). Don’t forget you can customize them to fit your door and space!

After we come up with a plan, it’s time to chop wood (or make sawdust, as I’ve heard the old folks refer to woodworking). I cut the plywood to the size we needed (29″ x 93″). In order to get the number of boards to the size we need, I need to cut it to 3 1/4″ wide. After everything was ripped, I cut them to the required length and then sanded them.

After everything was cut and the edges sanded, I placed all the boards on the plywood to make sure everything would fit. Then all that remains is to glue and nail everything in place. I started with horizontal boards. Then move down to the verticals, making sure to push the pieces tightly together. I used 1.25″ 18 gauge galvanized nails.

Creative Solutions For Small Bathrooms

After everything was glued and nailed, I filled in all the nail holes and any other imperfections in the wood. After the filler dried I hit everything with 120 grit sandpaper then moved to 220.  Since I was painting the door I wanted the surface to be as blemish free as possible…it is made of wood.

To install the doorknob, I drilled a few holes in the back of the door, inserted screws into the front, attached the screws to the doorknob, and filled the holes with wood filler.

At this point, all that’s left is to tape and paint. I used painters tape and edge locking technology. It costs a few dollars more, but you can tell the difference! I taped all the edges super tight, then applied 3 coats of each color, lightly sanding between each coat. And that is it! The whole thing took about a day. The longest step is painting.

Door Ideas For Small Bathroom

To install the door on the wall, just follow the instructions on the hardware. This process will vary depending on the hardware you go with, so be sure to choose hardware that has an installation process that works for you (or you can always have a professional install the part and just concentrate on your door).

Your Guide To Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget That Actually Work

Why isn’t Josh doing a good job? Team work! You can see above that I made the interior handle from a piece of 1/2″ quarter round that I cut to 7″ long, painted it white and attached it to the door. My husband wants a really low profile inside the handle so he can fully open the door (the door is really narrow so you need all the width to get it) and this is the perfect solution.

These sliding doors have made all the difference in our bathroom, and it feels so much bigger since we made the change. Plus, I love the character it adds to a bedroom wall, and stripes are just too much fun not to like. Do you have an awkward door that needs a sliding door makeover? xo. bent

Credit // authors: Laura Gummerman + Joshua Rhodes. Photos by Laura Gummerman, Joshua Rhodes and Janae Hardy. Photo edited by action A Beautiful Mess .You dream of ‘drool-worthy’ pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. Spacious and luxurious master bath with freestanding tub and large shower. Kitchen countertops seem to stretch for miles. Oh, how you would enjoy a large bathroom like this.

You know your lack of space so well. There is no place to store towels. You have nowhere to put a bottle of shampoo in the shower. Your husband keeps complaining about them banging their elbows on the shower door.

Sliding Barn Door For Bathroom Trend Pushes Upward

And none of these problems reflect the ‘joy’ (sarcasm intended) you get from cleaning those tiny grout joints in your shower or the gray ‘colors’ or lack of light that your tiny bathroom presents.

It’s not hard to find something to complain about in your small space. Coming up with a game plan for the ‘real boat’ (or bathroom in this case) is another task entirely.

The purpose of this article is not just to help you ‘right the ship (and create a more efficient small bathroom),’ it goes much further than that. The goal is to create a small bathroom that you will LOVE to use AND one that won’t break down and improve in the process. OK, I know you might think this concept is crazy. However, read the following 11 smart ideas and you will see that your small bathroom does NOT have to be a space that deserves to be ‘held’ every day.

Door Ideas For Small Bathroom

In the United States, most small bathrooms have tub/shower enclosures or shower bases. Your shower area is ‘defined’ by the shower cabin and the shower tub. They (effectively) create a ‘box’ around your shower.

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‘Separation of space’ exists because ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’. Of course, we can consider our country a ‘land of plenty’, but many of us cannot boast of having a ‘bathroom’. Enough.’ Rethinking this ‘separation of space’ is the key to a more thoughtful and spacious design.

As Europeans and Asians know (and they live with smaller bathrooms than we ‘feel’ in the States) the way to create more space (and yes, I realize this is an exaggeration) is to STOP separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. . And this can be done with a single level waterproof shower. This will allow your bathroom to flow as one continuous space. It will open things up visually. This will make your small space look bigger.

If you don’t want a full ‘wide open’ shower, add a glass shower screen to create a shower that sits where your old tub or shower already sits.

Have you bumped into your swinging glass shower door more than once or twice (or ten)? And do you also hate the water drops on the floor from this glass shower door? I know exactly what you’re talking about (and I hear homeowners complain about these doors all the time).

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60″ wide shower or NEO corner shower that has a door that opens into your little bathroom ‘not your little ‘fre’ (like Tony Montana from

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