Dining Room Wall Lighting Ideas

Dining Room Wall Lighting Ideas – 7 brilliant ideas for dining room lighting Mix and match this enchanting menu of options to get the perfect lighting for your dining room.

Lighting in a restaurant is as important for visibility as for atmosphere. Sure, you want to evoke a relaxed atmosphere in the dining room, but you also need to have enough light to do tasks like moving into the kitchen, serving at the table and sorting the mail in a nearby cupboard. Everything you do in a restaurant requires a carefully layered lighting scheme with different types of lighting designed for different purposes.

Dining Room Wall Lighting Ideas

Dining Room Wall Lighting Ideas

There are three main types of lighting in the dining room: moderately bright ambient lighting that provides wide coverage of walls and floors to improve navigation, bright task lighting that helps detail work, and soft accent lighting that casts a warm glow to highlight exhibits. With so many different lights in each of these categories, choosing the best can be difficult. We begin by explaining your options and giving you recommendations to help you decide which dining room lighting ideas will delight your guests and make your hosting a breeze.

Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas To Liven Up Your Space

These decorative lamps are suspended from a ceiling-mounted cord or chain and usually consist of a multi-branched decorative frame, each with its own bulb. Their drama creates an immediate focal point when placed directly on the dining table. In addition, when used with a dimmer switch, the light fixture can be used as ambient lighting to illuminate people and objects on the walls and the dining table, or as accent lighting to focus on the centerpiece of the table outside of mealtime. Traditional chandeliers cast light outwards, making them poor task lighting, but downlight chandeliers, which are designed to cast bright light downwards, allow for activities such as paying bills or doing homework at the dinner table.

With a steel frame construction, Quoizel’s Asheville Tiffany Downlight Chandelier is built to illuminate your dining room for a lifetime. Three downlights encased in a flame colored glass housing allow the 22 x 23 inch chandelier to function as competently as an ambient or task light as an artistic focal point.

Placed in a hollow hole in the ceiling, a hidden light is a small round ambient light consisting of a bulb, a decorative circular area called a trim, and a housing for electrical connections. This dining room light has a low-profile look perfect for minimalist decor, as the fixture sits below the ceiling line, leaving only the trim visible. Typically, several lamps are equidistant from each other, so that the lamps distribute the light evenly to all four corners of the dining room, making it safe and easy to navigate the room. Look for baffle-trimmed recessed lights with a ribbed interior that absorbs light and reduces glare and eye strain.

Clip this 4″ white metal baffle trim recessed light from TORCHSTAR to your white dining room ceiling and it will visually fade into the color, appearing barely visible. A built-in retainer clip allows the trim to be attached to the housing during light assembly and for future bulb replacement .

Gorgeous Green Dining Rooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

A pendant light is a light bulb in a decorative housing suspended from a ceiling mounting rod, cord or chain. Are in a number of styles, the pendants the bright, concentrated light to dining room work surface, from minibar to cabins, without space on the surface itself. Additionally, when installed in sets of two or more directly above a work surface, these smaller fixtures can produce as much light as one large fixture. Drum pendant lights, which wrap fabric or metal around the light housing, are the most versatile option, as you can choose a lighter or darker shade for additional control over the emitted light.

Hanging from a chain, Kenroy Home’s 22 x 20-inch drum pendant has three bulbs for maximum lighting in the booth and other restaurant work surfaces. The oil-rubbed bronze finish and metallic fabric lampshade suit a variety of decor styles, from contemporary to traditional.

Sconces are wall-mounted lamps consisting of a back plate topped with a decorative housing. They are designed to emit a small amount of diffused light upwards or downwards on objects on or near a wall, making them a great option for displaying paintings, decorative ceramics and other beautiful pieces without consuming a lot of electricity. The soft light on the walls also adds warmth to a large dining room or one that sports a nice color such as gray or cool blue. For the most stylish option, choose a recessed candelabra that leans against the wall with no space between the light housing and the backplate.

Dining Room Wall Lighting Ideas

This 12-inch half-moon candelabra from Hamilton Hills is wall-mounted and casts light on the wall without sticking out. The brushed nickel finish is eye-catching, while the translucent housing emits a diffused light that subtly highlights the details of your favorite objects.

Best Apartment Lighting Design Ideas

Ceiling track lights (usually narrow linear or curved lines lit with several individual lights) are preferred because of their flexibility. Install a single track over a dining table or porch for task lighting, or over a china cabinet to accent a decorative display. Or different tracks for ambient lighting throughout the restaurant. You can also move the lights along the track or direct them individually to any angle you like so the lights seem to follow you wherever you go. Flexible track lights with bendable leads give you much more control over light positioning.

This flexible and energy-efficient LED track light from Catalina Lighting can be bent into any curved shape to give a dark dining room an unexpected twist. Finished in oiled bronze, the sleek 8-foot track includes six adjustable lights that can tilt in almost any direction to eliminate dark corners.

Candelabras are branched candles or lamps that carry several candles or light bulbs. This accent light requires no assembly. They are placed on a flat, horizontal surface, usually a dining table, and cast a soft light on the utensils and food to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. These decorative lights can also take the place of centerpieces. To light the table without blocking the view of the diners, choose low, wide candlesticks that illuminate the entire table.

Enjoy candlelit dinners with these tall candlesticks from PiersSurplus. A 30 x 10-inch fixture with nine glass candle holders of various sizes and heights, all mounted on sleek black bases, creates an artfully asymmetrical centerpiece.

How To Choose Coordinating Light Fixtures For Your Home

A perfect source of accent lighting for recessed frames such as dining room shelves, ceiling fans and tray ceilings, bay lights are long, narrow, multi-bulb tubes typically mounted around ceiling features. Used primarily for accents, it draws attention to the depth and dimension of ceiling details and shines upward to eliminate annoying ceiling shadows. Cove lighting also serves as an effective secondary ambient light source by illuminating large areas of adjacent walls. The most energy-efficient bay lighting comes in the form of a light strip with several LED bulbs.

Give your ceiling a unique outline with Cove Lights from HitLights. Over 16 feet long, LED light strips cast a warm light around the expression in the ceiling. Flexible and dimmable, you can get the perfect position and light level for your needs.

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Dining Room Wall Lighting Ideas

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When decorating a dining room, many of us focus on big ticket items like tables and chairs. However, it is not the only mandatory point to consider. Dining room lights can make a significant difference to a room, adding contrast, cohesion or striking drama, depending on your needs.

So don’t just stick to traditional dining room lighting. Instead, take the time to think about what your room needs and grab the fixture or combination of fixtures that provide it. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up 26 great dining room and lighting ideas that are worth stealing from everyone. .

If you’re not sure what dining room lighting to choose, start by looking at the fixtures you already have. Is your room full of colorful accent pieces? If so, consider choosing an appropriate fixture. Accent colors along the ceiling can be a quick and easy way to bring a room together.

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