Best Glass Shower Door For Small Bathroom

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The best frameless shower doors in 2022 The best frameless shower doors transform a boring bathroom from functional to fabulous. Their clean lines and clarity open up the space, creating a spa-like atmosphere in your own private sanctuary.

Best Glass Shower Door For Small Bathroom

Best Glass Shower Door For Small Bathroom

Bathrooms are no longer just bathrooms. They are an escape, a refuge from everyday life. Frameless shower doors have played a key role in the transition from a functional bathroom to home comfort. The best frameless shower doors offer minimalist elegance, sliding or hinged.

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Without a frame, the eye travels further, making bathrooms look bigger and easier to clean. Different door styles and hardware finishes offer a variety of looks to suit a variety of interior designs.

Choosing the best frameless bathroom shower door is not an easy task. They come in a variety of styles, designs and sizes. This shopping guide can help you narrow down the style, door thickness, and hardware you need based on your bathroom setup.

Frameless shower doors do not have a metal frame around the edge of the door. They are both sliding and folding. Each type may have a frame or track to which they are attached, but the metal is not attached directly to the edge of the door.

Measure carefully when choosing a shower door. Wait until all other shower finishing materials such as backsplash, tiles and any trim are complete to ensure accurate measurements. Just a note, frameless shower doors are quite complex to install and may require additional approvals. Most people will need professional help unless they have extensive DIY experience.

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The average frameless shower door is 22 to 36 inches wide. The height is usually around 72 inches, although these can vary depending on the design of the bathroom. It’s not uncommon for a frameless shower door to be custom made to fit your bathroom as it needs to fit tightly to keep water out of the shower.

To make sure you have the right size door, you need to take a few measurements. Start with growth. Measure from the top of the fiberglass or tile on the wall to the shower floor. This measurement determines the required standard door height. You can aim higher if you are considering large or custom doors.

Then measure the entire width of the door. Measure the top, middle and bottom of the shower opening. If these measurements differ, check the angle with a spirit level. In an ideal world, the walls should be parallel, although you can use a tapered filler to fit the opening if the walls are not parallel.

Best Glass Shower Door For Small Bathroom

Also measure from the center line to the edge. You will need this sliding shower door measurement because you want to make sure the door is positioned correctly.

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After taking all the measurements, consult a professional to choose a door that is equal to or slightly smaller than your measurements. If you are considering a hinged door, make sure it can be opened without hitting anything in the bathroom.

Frameless shower doors range in thickness from 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch. Frameless doors are slightly more prone to falling or falling during and after installation. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. As you can imagine, the thicker the glass, the less likely it is to shatter if dropped or dropped.

However, thick glass has a higher price and is of course heavy. Some bathrooms may not meet the structural requirements of large 1/2 inch glass doors. A door of this size may require additional bracing or may not be possible. In most cases, a lighter 3/8-inch thick glass door will suffice. They are also easier to ship and install.

In general, it is a good idea to coordinate the shower equipment with the rest of the bathroom equipment. If the door is clear, make sure the internal fittings also match the external fittings.

Types Of Shower Doors And Their Differences (with Pictures)

Most fittings are made of aluminum, polished stainless steel or composite. Many shower doors come with hardware in a variety of colors, such as black, chrome, nickel, and finishes such as brushed, satin, or matte.

The reversible door can be installed with an opening on the left or right side of the shower. Not all doors have this option. Check before you buy. You don’t want the door to get stuck and find that it only opens from the left when it should open from the right.

Our best range of frameless shower doors range from well-known brands and models, from innovative to shower classics. Their appearance, quality and mounting options set them apart from their competitors.

Best Glass Shower Door For Small Bathroom

Woodbridge frameless sliding glass shower doors are modern in design with a touch of industrial elegance on the track. The stainless steel track offers 4 inches of adjustment to fit 56 to 60 inches wide. The door height is 76 inches, but the handrail is a little lower, so expect the actual shower entry to be less than 72 inches.

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The glass is ⅜ inch thick and the door can be opened on the left or right side. Stainless steel fittings are resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring the durability of the door for many years. It comes in several finishes, including matte black, chrome, brushed gold, and brushed nickel.

VIGO frameless doors have a sliding top track, leaving a light door that opens up the look of your bathroom. This slide has a soft close feature that closes the door quietly. It works with a narrow, below-average weight track and smooth sliders for easy and quiet door operation.

This door also stands out by being an extra 4″ tall and 76″. These extra inches add weight to the door, making it heavier than a standard ⅜ inch thick shower door. These VIGO frameless shower doors are available in 16 sizes and five finishes, although not all sizes are always available.

DreamLine Aqua Uno offers an elegant open glass door design for a bath and shower combination. Combination showers aren’t always the sleekest, but the ¼-inch-thick beveled edge of the door adds elegance that opens up the space.

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The 34 5/16″ wide door has an entry opening and opens from wall hinges. There is no adjustment for non-parallel walls, so measurements and alignment must be accurate. However, the frameless design mounts on either the right or left side, making it suitable for a wide variety of bathroom configurations.

The DreamLine Aqua Ultra has a fun opening, but a hinged door that opens from a stationary panel. It works well in small bathrooms. At the same time, the curved edge of the door adds style.

Aluminum channel provides ¼ inch adjustment for uneven walls. The 5/16-inch tempered glass construction makes it more durable. These shower doors are installed on both sides, literally “opening the door” to bathrooms of various designs and layouts. For added versatility, the channel and hinges are available in a variety of finishes, including brushed nickel, chrome, metallic metal and matte black.

Best Glass Shower Door For Small Bathroom

This door also stands out by being an extra 4″ tall and 76″. These extra inches add weight to the door, making it heavier than a standard ⅜ inch thick shower door. VIGO is available in 16 sizes and five finishes, although not all sizes are always available.

The Glass Shower Door Turns Small Baths Grand

The DreamLine Essence Frameless Sliding Shower Door features 5/16-inch tempered glass. That extra ⅛ inch gives this great door extra durability (and weight). Double sliding doors allow access from both sides.

An aluminum cap along the side keeps water out, but also allows for adjustment up to ¼ inch for uneven walls. Additionally, the track is trimmed by 4 inches, allowing for some leeway during installation. The Essence fits openings 56-60 inches wide and 76 inches tall, which is an additional 4 inches taller than a standard frameless shower door.

Design should not be lacking in a small bathroom. The DreamLine shower door is a double construction, perfect for narrow, cramped spaces. DreamLine creates a minimalistic European look without the huge installation of doors.

The aluminum wall profile provides ⅜ inch of freedom of movement for walls that are not perfectly level. The glass itself is ¼” thick, giving it a heavier feel compared to a standard ⅜” door. It comes in 29.5″ or 33″ wide to accommodate different sized showers. However, the hinges and handle are chrome only, so they may not match your existing bathroom fixtures.

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If you’re looking to give your bathroom a great makeover, consider WOODBRIDGE frameless shower doors and enjoy their sleek, modern lines and minimalist design. Alternatively, as an economical option, DreamLine frameless shower doors are easy to install and easy to slide.

The best frameless shower doors add a modern aesthetic to your bathroom and provide a functional barrier against water splashes in the shower, a very important feature of course. Through our research, we’ve found the best options on the market

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